Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz 2.9

Put your geographical know-how to the test


  • Attractive user interface
  • Nine different subject categories
  • Offers further information and Wikipedia links


  • Questions quickly repeat themselves

Very good

Got a bit of time to kill? Well, instead of bursting your brain cells playing monotonous games you could install Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz and improve your knowledge of geography instead.

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz is a fun collection of different quizzes about the World and its people. The game is presented in a very attractive way, with some wonderful photography used to illustrate each of the categories available from the sliding bar on the main menu. Categories include Countries and Flags, Capital Cities, People, and Great Explorers. Alternatively, you can choose the 'Shuffle' option to get a mix of questions from the nine categories.

Each category in Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz sets you a series of 20 questions, and you need to select the answer from a choice of four possibilities. The idea is to try and answer the questions in the shortest time possible.

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz is genuinely useful as a learning aid. Rather than just telling you if you've got a question right or wrong, the game provides some background information on the answer, and even includes a button that takes you to Wikipedia for more information about that subject.

Unfortunately, as with many quiz games like Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz, it doesn't take long before repetition sets in, and you'll find yourself being faced with the same questions over and over.

Still, this makes for a good way for students to learn geography, or a fun timewaster for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the World.

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz


Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz 2.9

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